4 Best Coffee Tables to Elevate Your Living Room

Decorating your living room can be an exciting experience if you have just moved into a new home or are redecorating your current space. You can decide on a theme, a color palette, and a fashion style and choose each piece of furniture accordingly. One of the most vital decisions you will make when decorating your living room is the coffee table since all your seating arrangements will be centered around it.

It's the star of the room and should be selected accordingly. Nowadays, coffee tables are available in unique and modern designs that can significantly elevate your living room and wow your guests.

This article will review some of the best coffee tables so you can add a touch of elegance to your living room. The following are the products reviewed in this article:

Cota 15 Coffee Table by New Spec (Best Tempered-Glass Coffee Table)
Loft Coffee Table in Walnut - Black by LumiSource (Best Contemporary Coffee Table)
U Shaped Coffee Table in White by LumiSource (Best Wood Coffee Table)
XO Coffee Table by Viva Modern (Best Minimal Coffee Table)
Cota 15 Coffee Table by New Spec
Let’s start with something unique and ultra-chic; the Cota 15 coffee table by New Spec is made up of tempered glass, which makes it extremely sturdy. It has a round design, a fixed-top glass surface, and three movable glass casters below. The casters can swivel in and out of the frame and are used when needed. Thus, users have the option to keep all casters closed and create a compact frame or keep them open for a larger look. Moreover, minimal assembly is required after shipping.
Loft Coffee Table in Walnut - Black by LumiSource
Want a coffee table that is the center of attention wherever you place it? Get the LumiSource loft coffee table for your living room. The modern and contemporary design complements your existing decor and highlights your living room. It is supported by black metal hairpin legs that offer increased sturdiness and reliability. The top wooden panel has lines and a warm walnut color, which perfectly blends with the surroundings.
U Shaped Coffee Table in White by LumiSource
If you are looking to add a unique piece of furniture to your living room, the LumiSource u-shaped coffee table is the perfect addition. Made with strong and sturdy material, the coffee table has a glass surface and a floating circular surface on the bottom, supported by two u-shaped bases. It is one of the best coffee tables for your living room to gather adequate attention.
XO Coffee Table by Viva Modern
Looking to get a coffee table that’s more modern and minimal? Try the XO coffee table by Viva Modern. This table blends and complements Cota 15 your existing decor and works for multiple rooms. The table has a thick oak wood veneer top and polished stainless steel legs crossed in an “X” shape. The table top has an oval shape; thus, no corners to bump into and get hurt. However, minimal assembly is required after shipment. It is also available in natural and dark wenge colors.
Finding the perfect coffee table that complements your existing decor is easier said than done, but with our above-mentioned minimal and stylish coffee tables, you can easily pick one and use them across various rooms.

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